Affirmations Week 12/07/15


Hi FIP friends,

We all know that podcasts are entertaining and informative that is why we enjoy them so much! My selection of podcasts is so inspiring, they will help you reflect on your life and make great changes.

Find a list of affirmations I have written with the podcasts’ names and the episodes’ titles. Happy listening!

  • A Life Well Designed Podcast- Jedi lessons on how to live a life of quality EP:  024 – 14 min

“I choose to focus on what is important in my life to be more successful”

  • The Project Life Mastery Podcast –  Morning Rituals of Tony Robbins, Oprah, Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga and the most Successful People  EP: 200 – 14 min

“Every morning ritual nourishes my mind and my body”

  • Olympus Inspiration – An American Success Story – 09 min

 “My purpose in life helps me create my vision”

  • Daily Boost – Don’t Like Where You Are? Change it! – 11 min

 “I make my own choices, I feel the change, I live the desired outcome”

  • Terri Savelle Foy – Why Gratitude Journals Work – 09 min

“I am thankful for my blessings and grateful for all I have”


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Affirmations Week 11/30/2015



Hi FIP friends,

We all know that podcasts are entertaining and informative that is why we enjoy them so much! My selection of podcasts is so inspiring, they will help you reflect on your life and make great changes.

Find a list of affirmations I have written with the podcasts’ names and the episodes’ titles. Enjoy!

  • Warrior Mind Podcast – Ep: 259 Self-Mastery and Human Potential 15 min

 “I reassess myself so I can control what I want to bring in my life.”

  • Courageous Self-Confidence – Ep: 048 How to Learn to Love Yourself /Core Concepts 29 min

 “Every day I nurture my well-being and practice self-care because I love myself”

  • Morning Coach – What you focus on expands 17 min

“My energy multiplies when I am focused, organised and resourceful”

  • PD’s Self-Improvement – Ep: 720 Before the moment 6 min

“I am impactful when I make decisions that challenge my comfort zone”

  • Motivate Yourself – Ep: 124: Emotional Contagion 17min

 “Every day I choose how I want to feel”

Be Blessed and Feel Inspired. ;D

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How much is your self-worth worth?

Hi FIP friends,

While feeling inspired by the podcast episode of The Tao of Self-Confidence “Recognise your self-value with Denise Cardenas”, so much emotions resurfaced and I felt compelled to write about self-worth. Here I share with you tips and steps on how to value yourself, how to be your own VIP and how to regain your self-worth.

I wish for you to find your purpose, love your life and start a better life for yourself!

 Self-worth???  What’s that?

Acknowledging your self-worth 

Where is my self-worth-I learnt about my self-worth when I stood up to my children’s father and then left him. I used to ask myself many questions like why I stayed for so long in such an unhappy and unhealthy relationship that seemed to be destroying only one person: ME. I realised that I had unconsciously put my self-worth on the side. I had left it…somewhere… didn’t even know where to look for it… I didn’t really care… I was too much in pain…. Too exhausted to look for it anyway… [sigh].

And the day I made the decision to leave him is the day I found it. My self-worth just popped out from nowhere and I instantly felt relieved. Oh, joy! My self-worth was back! My heart was feeling alive again! My mind was waking up again from that terrible fog! The light was on and it was bright!! Oh so bright!!!

My Self-Worth (and that is why I was so glad I had found it again, was such a blessing) yes, my Self-Worth had brought along its B F Fs: (Halleluiah!) Confidence, Assertiveness, Happiness and Achievement. I hugged them all so tight and I felt that wave of peacefulness invade me. I was feeling so good because everything was clear. Crystal clear. All I had to do is think of my next move:  leave to never return. Since then my self-worth has never left me and neither its BFFs. And my children and I are very happy.

  • So what does self-worth really mean? Well here is a good definition that I like: “the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect” (dictionary.com)
  • It is vital to acknowledge your self-worth as you show yourself respect.
  • You prove to yourself that you are worth everything you have set your mind to.
  • You value your self-worth so much that you will make decisions that will benefit your well-being, that will nurture your principles, that will make you thrive, that will make you proud, that will put you in a positive light, that will show you love.
  • This is what self-worth is all about. Pure and simple.

I invite you to reflect on these 3 amazing quotes that explain very well the meaning of self-worth.

bolgpost selfworthquote1

Blogpost Selfworthquote2 (1)

Blogpost Selfworthquote3 (1)

“I know who I am inside and I also know what I am worth.”

After reading these 3 quotes you probably asking yourself if you are really aware of your own self-worth. Well this is totally understandable. And maybe it is time to have a quick pep talk to yourself and raise that value. Have a quick chat… I’ll wait…. It’s all worth it!

So? What value do you put to your self-worth? Any ideas?! Here is a simple piece of advice:

“You set yourself your own value and you do so at the highest value. Always.”

Remember it all comes from within so boost it up!!

 “My self-worth has the highest value. Period.”


What’s the big deal? What are the benefits?

Your birth right in valuing your self-worth

SELFWORTHvaluingYour self-worth is most important to your well-being because it defines how much you value yourself, you love yourself. To love another you must love yourself first! So acknowledging your self-worth is telling yourself you are important, you care about yourself, YOU ARE WORTH IT.

You feel proud to be You and no one knows you better than You!                           You are your own VIP!

Today I understand the value of my self-worth and I am so much comfortable in my own skin. I appreciate my qualities and working on my imperfections is not a problem at all. I just don’t beat myself up anymore. I don’t look for perfection anymore. I don’t look for pleasing ungrateful people anymore. I don’t let people influence me anymore.


And valuing your self-worth is exactly that. You enjoy your own company and others’(the positive people). You have healthier relationships because you make better choices about the people you spend your time with. You believe you are deserving and you appreciate all the opportunities that come along your way. You are clear on what you are, what you need and your choices reflect your value.

It is such a blessing to feel good in your own skin. Yes, this is another benefit to add to the list. You Feel GOOD about yourself, you accept yourself better for who you are.

In my experience, my self-worth has been totally rejuvenated. Valuing myself highly has helped me focus on my thoughts and my feelings (I shifted the negative self-talk!! Woohoo!), it has given me a sense of purpose in my life. I feel so grounded now due to the fact that I have set my own boundaries.

As you can see the benefits are many. It requires a lot of work on yourself yes, but the best part in all of that is that it is possible to re-value your self-worth. Totally. And once you have reached your highest value, there is no turning back. You are going to want to stay there because it’s pure bliss! Because you have finally found yourself!

 “My self-worth sets the boundaries.”


Ok! How to raise my self-worth then?


5 simple tips to copy at once

Ah!! Here comes the most important part of it all! Raising the value of your self-worth.

I am giving you 5 of my boosting strategies that work for me. Try them out and tell me what you think.


  1. Do something that brings value to you and is meaningful to your life.
Sweet Art 88- Affiliate Link

What do I do? I bake and share my baking masterpieces with my family, friends and neighbours.

  • If you enjoy jogging, painting, singing, cooking, anything. My advice to you is “Do it! And do it regularly!” You will experience a feel good factor beyond belief! And then share it!!
  1. Mirror, Mirror! Am I worthy?? YES, YOU ARE!

What do I do? I smile and name my qualities whenever I pass in front of my mirrors at home and also when I use my handbag compact mirror! I even do it when I’m out in public toilets, I just hum while washing my hands!!

  • Start practising at home where you are comfortable. Remember to speaking out loud when singing your praises because it’s definitely the most effective way to give your self-worth a boost!!

You see it, you say it, you hear it, you feel it! Best sensation ever!!

  1. Just keep writing! Just keep writing! Writing! Writing! Writing!

What do I do? I just bought myself a new notebook! The previous one was finished. Again! I realised that recalling and writing all the positive events that happened to me each day has a uplifting and joyful effect on me. You see yourself in a different light. So go for it! Write up!

  • First, buy yourself a beautiful Moleskine notebook and cherish it. See this
    2015-11-27 12.28.51-2
    Sweet Art 88- Affiliate Link

    writing session as an invitation where you are the favourite guest. Write all your good deeds and positive actions of the day. Use positive words, powerful words and strong feeling words. You will see that this activity will cheer you up first then you will crave it. Craving is good here!

  1. The power of your mind and your memory.

What do I do? I set a ritual where I meditate for 10-20 minutes and it helps me refocus on myself.

  • In a quiet area, close your eyes and visualize your last achievement. Feel the emotion and smile. Breathe slowly. Repeat. Just practise every day for each of your achievements.
  1. Declare that you love yourself and why you love yourself.


  • We don’t tell ourselves enough that we love ourselves. Take that opportunity to tell yourself these 3 fabulous words every single day!          “I LOVE YOU!” Self-worth starts from within and it starts with love!!    So declare it!
 “I love Myself because I am Awesome!”


 Cool! How do you keep it high?

Nurture your self-worth

Self-worth is like a flower, it demands constant nurturing. The more you look after    selfworthkeepithigh it, the more beautiful it becomes. It’s the same here. At the beginning, it won’t be easy to keep nurturing your self-worth especially if you are not used to it. You’ll have your ups and downs.  It is normal, don’t worry!

You need to first understand that despite all the difficulties you have faced and the hardship you have been through in the past, you are worthy. You have accomplished so much on your journey and overcome plenty and you are still worthy. Your self-worth is always present in you no matter what. And this is worth keeping in mind. So don’t let a funny look or an unfriendly comment, an argument affect you and throw your self-worth off balance.

Keep your self-worth high and intact.

  1. Be yourself. No acting out or pretending, that’s fake and it will be perceived very quickly by others eventually.
  1. You are already strong, all your past experiences prove it. Be kind to yourself and praise yourself more often. Shut up that bitchy voice inside you and set the positive statement button on auto-pilot. Let it enkindle you until you feel fired up!
  1. Speak positively about yourself. I don’t mean boasting, I mean acknowledging your positive actions, your qualities and including your family‘s and friends’ too.
  1. Go by your values. You will be challenged. Expect it. Not everyone will approve to see you loving yourself so much. Many won’t necessarily care but a few will respond negatively to what they perceive in you. And if they have low self-worth it will affect them surely. Remember that you are worthy, that’s all that matters.
  1. Accept that you cannot please everyone and you will come across unpleasant people. That’s life. Accept it and surround yourself of only good company. Life is too short to keep arguing!
  1. Refuse to take on people’s rubbish! If they have little self-worth or any other issue, that’s not your problem. Don’t let them drop their negative vibes on you.
  1. When hurt, share the pain and let these feelings go. Acknowledging your emotions show that you are human. There is nothing wrong with that. Think positively.
  1. Finally, love yourself. Remind yourself regularly of how important you are. Your self-worth should be saying something like: “You are unique, you are YOU and that is why I love you!”
 I am unique, I am ME and that is why I love myself.”


I hope you have enjoyed this post. I aim to encourage everyone to revalue themselves. Revalue their self-worth.

I want you to enjoy being you, have lots of respect for yourself and put your well-being at the forefront of your mind. A HEALTHY YOU is an AWESOME YOU!

Share this article with your family, friends, community, followers etc….

Pass it around, it will surely help someone somewhere.

Be Blessed and Feel Inspired. ;D

The Podcasts Lover

Sources:.dailyinspirationalquotes, goodreads.com, quotelicious.com

Just one last question: How do you boost your self-worth?

Share your answers here!  Thank you, You Are Awesome!



Affirmations for Week 11/23/2015


Hi FIP  friends,

Here is your weekly selection of inspiring podcasts that will help you reflect on your life and make great changes.

Find a list of affirmations I have written with the podcasts’ names and the episodes’ titles. Click the affirmations. Happy listening!

  1. Slow Hustle How to wake up every day like it’s Christmas with Hal Erold, Best selling Author of Miracle Morning 43 min

“I am grateful for my rituals; they set me on my journey to success.”

          2. Trish Blackwell  Confidence Podcast – Taking the pressure off                      yourself   29min

“I am calm and productive when I work at my pace.”

          3. Morning Coach Gratitude Week 19 min

“I am grateful and thankful for all the blessings and experiences in my life.”

          4. The Start Up Sessions  Michael Knouse –  Living 100 Days                                Without fear with Michelle Poler 41 min

“I overcome my fears because they set me free.”


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Be blessed and Feel inspired!

The Podcasts Lover ;D


Affirmations for Week 11/16/2015


Hi FIP friends,

We all know that podcasts are entertaining and informative that is why we enjoy them so much! My selection of podcasts is so inspiring, they will help you reflect on your life and make great changes.

Find a list of affirmations I have written with the podcasts’ names and the episodes’ titles. Enjoy!

  • The Tao of Self-Confidence with Sheena Yap Chan – Ep: 59- Speak Up and Claim Your Voice –  14 min

“I am fearless, I have a vision, I am able!”

  • Life is a Marathon: Life Coaching – EP: 172- Repeat until You Believe it –    36 min

“Positive self-talk is key to my success and my well-being!”

  • Terri Savelle Foy – Ep: The Language of Success  – 7 min

“My words represent my future: I speak words of success.”

  • The daily Boost – Ep: The 9-year Cycle of Life- 12 min

“Think, focus, create, observe, enjoy, repeat! I create my destiny! ”

  • The daily Boost – Ep: Ritual, Rest, Rejuvenate, Reactivate, Repeat” 10 min

“I choose to be healthy, I work hard and rest often.”

Be blessed and Feel inspired!

The Podcasts Lover ;D

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Affirmations for Week 11/09/2015

microphone-1018787_640    Hi FIP friends,

We all know that podcasts are entertaining and informative that is why we enjoy them so much. Guess what?? With my affirmations, podcasts get also inspiring!

Find a list of affirmations I have written with the podcasts’ name and the episodes’ title.

Everyday is Saturday Podcast – Your Uncomfortable Comfort Level

  • My affirmation: “I perform to the best of my abilities when I am out of my comfort zone.”

Olympus Inspiration – Ep-13 – This American Icon will Inspire You

  • My affirmation: “I learn from my setbacks and I keep going.”

Confidence Podcast – #135: Rachael Bodie – Your Inner Leader

  • My affirmation: “I am a leader. I am my own influencer, I believe in my instincts.”

Lewis Howes – The Killer of Dreams

  • My affirmation: “I knock down my fears to follow my vision and live my dream.”

Lewis Howes – Celebrate Your Victories (Even When It Hurts)

  • My affirmation: “My victories keep me going in tough times.”

Be blessed & Feel inspired! ;D

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A quick note to Larry Hochman on “Possibility Thinking”

Hi Larry (NoMoreHoldingBack.com),

I have just come across your post and it got me so inspired that I wanted to reply at once.

I was doing some thinking over the question you asked your followers yesterday and I was wondering what it meant to me: “What is the difference between “Positive Thinking” and “Possibility Thinking?”

I came to realise that Positive Thinking is meaningless to me if it is pure and simple Passive Positive Thinking.

Hold on, let me explain here! What I mean by Passive Positive Thinking is positive thinking like you mentioned on your site […reciting the same old slogans that have been around…]. That’s for sure, repeating the same thing will get us nowhere! However, these old slogans, affirmations, mantras are great as long as they are followed by our actions. To me, Positive Thinking implies Positive Actions. They go hand in hand. We must act to turn our slogan into reality. Turn it into a goal. Slogans, affirmations, mantras are a translation of our goal in words. We must make that goal happen concretely.

 “It is only when you see your goal taking shape through your actions that you know your positive thinking is meaningful.” FIP

Positive Thinking = Possibility Thinking

Yes, in my mind there is no difference because when I think positive, I immediately think possibility. I think Positive Actions to make that Possibility a Reality.

Possibility Thinking gives us no other choice than to reflect on ourselves and acknowledge what is worth keeping and what is worth ditching to make it possible!!

So thank you Larry for such a great post and for reminding us to do our “Possibility Thinking” that is going to “Get Us in Gear”.

All the best!

Be Blessed & Feel Inspired ;D

The Podcasts Lover


4 keywords: Springboard, Positive, Act, Opportunities! Be Confident!

Hi FIP friends,

While feeling inspired by the podcast Her Power Hustle Podcast, “Got Confidence? The confidence factor for women in Business with @Carol Sankar “, a few ideas about Confidence came up to my mind. Here I share with you tips and steps on how to become a more confident person.

Your failures and setbacks are a springboard for more confidence

success-259710_640 (1)Challenging  your failure and setbacks will definitely  help you be more confident. How is that? Simple. First your confidence will be knocked down. For sure. But it’s ok because this is what it means to be human. We react emotionally to all types of factors that affect us. So be it.

What is important here is what you do with those failures and setbacks. It is in fact beneficial to your confidence. We say “We learn from our mistakes!”, therefore do so. Learn from your failures and setbacks!

Analyse what went wrong and list a directive to make it right next time round. Another setback!! Yeah I know, it sucks! But eh, you were able to overcome the previous one so why not this one!

Failures and setbacks are often associated with rejection. Well in my case this is what I used to feel like and it would get me so mad. Not succeeding in what I had planned was a real nightmare for me. I would not be able to move on for days because my failures and setbacks would be all I think about. What a waste of time!

The day I read about it over the net and realised that they were part of my journey to success was a revelation. As soon as it hits home, I saw them in a different light and took action immediately.

I decided to review my goals and to check what I had achieved so far. And guess what!! All I could see was PROGRESS. Progress with my learning, with my knowledge, in finding solutions to problems etc… It was such an excitable experience that I promised myself from that day on, I would embrace my failures and setbacks with CONFIDENCE.

I now see them as a reminder to take a pause and reflect on myself. It makes me feel so good.  So yes, confidence grows after failures and setbacks as long as you keep a positive outlook.  By challenging yourself to overcome them, you are actually adding layers of confidence to your well-being. And the thicker the layers, the more confidence you grow.

See any failures, any setbacks like a springboard to push you further in reaching your goal. Yes, that is it! Move back a little bit further to jump higher next time! Woohoo!

Every time I face my failures and setbacks, my confidence grows.

Keeping a Positive Mindset allows your Confidence to Grow  

Being confident is a quality that you can acquire at any time in your life. And that is the beauty of it! I remember when I started baking  – I am a sponge cake baker-  I was confident in baking a simple vanilla or chocolate sponge cake for my family and friends. But the day I was asked to bake a cake for a birthday or any other celebration,  my answer was a direct NO! I told myself: “Why not??”

I had been baking for 2 years already so why I couldn’t do it? In fact baking was not an issue but the decorating part was. I had tried a few times before and the result had been dreadful. So I gave up. I was not confident enough in my cake decorating skills and I was full of fear!! I knew I had to attack that fear but I did not know how to do that.

So I watched videos after videos until I felt comfortable trying one out. The week before I planned to decorate a cake, I boost myself with some “You can do it!” If she can do it, you can too!”, “Ifield-328962_640 (1) can decorate a cake”, “I am good at decorating cakes”, “People love my decorated cakes”  etc…” That fear was slowly transforming itself into confidence. My mind was getting prepared for the challenge. I repeated these mantras every day.

But I wanted to feel that growth of confidence inside me. So I wrote them down and stuck them on my wardrobe door, on my kitchen cupboard doors, in the corridor and inside bathroom door! When the day arrived I was feeling so happy to practise my cake decorating skills. I was ready and my confidence was at the forefront of my mind this time!  I practised decorating until I was satisfied with the result.

Feeling more confident in myself, I decided to bring another freshly decorated cake to my workplace to share with colleagues the next day. By the time they saw the cake, all I got was compliments!! For the decoration and for the taste!! I was in awe.

I am telling you, Confidence IS definitely in the Mind.

Encourage yourself to try something you fear. Do it step by step. Little by little until you reach your goal. Psych yourself up and believe that you can achieve it. Your positive thinking will give you that confidence you crave. Absolutely.

I am positive and so is my confidence!

Be Confident to act on your goals

My positive thinking and my confidence are inseparable twin sisters. That the way I see them. They are an inseparable  pair and I nurture them with lots of praise and encouragement in all situations.

I certainly solicit them when acting on my goals. goal-976853_640 They are the decision- makers and they love that role! I watch them discuss with each other, argue, negotiate and finally agree. They are always present when I set and review my goals and they expect delivery.

They advise me when I am hesitant and they guide me when I am lost. The 3 of us are the A team!

My goals are set in small achievable steps as it’s easier for me to complete each task and above all to see the progression. Every time a task is achieved I feel my confidence growing and I feel really good about myself. This is what keeps me going because I love that feeling. I want to feel it again and again.

When you are confident you can set yourself any goals – what am I saying!- any ambitious goals and act on them.  You are in fact in a state of mind where you feel happy and secure about your actions. And it is an amazing feeling!  You don’t worry about any obstacles that you may face because you know deep down that they will be dealt with confidently and you will work out a solution. So my advice is to tell yourself this:

I always act on my goals with confidence!

 Your Confidence brings you opportunities 

motivation-721830_640   What I have noticed about being confident is that it also brings you opportunities.

Previously, I had told you that I used to refuse to decorate cakes because I was not confident enough to try again after my many setbacks.  But when I started believing in myself, taking action on my fear, feeling confident, it brought me opportunities.

Yes! I opened myself to a new market thanks to my confidence! I didn’t just bake for my family and friends anymore. I baked for my colleagues, friends of colleagues, their children, my banker, my hairdresser, friends of my hairdresser etc… They were asking me for cakes and I decorated them simply. And I did it with pleasure because I was finally confident in my abilities.

Today I totally believe that your confidence will first benefit your mind and body and then it will result in bringing more opportunities into your life. Here I am giving you a few examples that I experienced myself:

1.   Your mind

Your confidence will help you-

  • think positively
  • identify your assets
  • feel more independent
  • make decisions

2.   Your body

Your confidence will help you-

  • express your needs
  • become proactive
  • create and write new ideas
  • meet new people

My confidence opens the door of opportunities    

Isn’t it great to feel confident??   Isn’t it a beautiful feeling to have??


So start feeling confident today! Be positive, set your goals and take action!

Have you grown in confidence after a specific event in your life?

Do you have other strategies for being more confident?

Share it here. It could help someone somewhere.

Be Blessed and Feel Inspired. ;D

The Podcasts Lover